Faunamade Pet Bed Basket for dogs and cats in jute and gray flannel




Why Faunamade? 

Faunamade is founded by a former design magazine editor who believes home is at its best when filled with natural, comfortable, and beautiful things for every member of the family. For our inaugural product, we set out to make an eco-friendly pet bed that’s nice to look at and that our pets would truly love. We have absolutely made that bed.


Where are you based? 

Emeryville, California. 





Will my pet use the Faunamade Basket Bed? 

Let's face it, animals are finicky. Which is why we're so proud to report that we tested, tested, and re-tested the Faunamade Basket Bed and, at the risk of jinxing ourselves, all of our dog and cat testers climbed in the bed and went to sleep. All of them. 


Why isn't the cushion big and poufy in the middle, like so many other pet beds? 

We worked hard to design a cushion that’s the perfect fill weight for your pet. Though big, poufy cushions look pretty in photos, pets hate them and often slide off the edges of the bed. Our cushion is both supportive and soft enough to make pets linger awhile. We also wanted the cushion to sit below the edges of the bed frame, so dogs and cats feel safe and secure in their cozy Basket Bed (and they really do!).


Is the Basket Bed hard? Will it scratch a table or surface? 

No. The basket is made of soft, natural jute. It is firm but pliable—cats and dogs like pushing up against the bendable edges of the bed—and it will not scratch surfaces.


Will my cat or dog fit in the Basket Bed?  

The Basket Bed is 18 inches in diameter, 6 inches tall in the body, and 10 inches tall at the handles. Unless you have an extraordinarily large cat, all cats should fit comfortably. (Two of our tester cats, 9 pounds each, often sleep together in one bed.)

As for dogs, you know yours best, and the Basket Bed is perfect for small breed dogs who like to sleep curled up. Most of our testers weigh less than 20 pounds. Breeds that are good candidates include Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, Havanese, Bichon, and Papillon. 


Which fabric should I choose? 

The fun part! We couldn't be happier with our cushion covers and each one suits multiple decorative styles. For maximum versatility, our Stripe and Gray Flannel are smart picks. For dogs who "dig" before settling in, we recommend our Black & Tan Stripe cover. (It's our heaviest fabric.)

Note that our Black & White Flora and Organic Dots covers are limited edition, so when they're gone, they're gone. 


Can I buy extra cushion covers and swap them out? 

Yes! All Faunamade cushion covers have side zippers and the covers are meant to be swapped. Browse our Covers here. 


My dog has chewed up every bed I've ever bought him. Is your bed the right pick? 

No. We are so proud of the exceptional quality our Basket Bed delivers. It is beautiful, all-natural, and made by hand. But since it is natural and handmade, it is not recommended for your superchewer. 


Will Faunamade offer neutral colors only? 

Nope! We love the blacks, whites, and tans we’re offering this season, but we can't wait to show you our limited edition colors and patterns launching soon. 


What does “limited edition” mean in your fabric descriptions? 

Our Gray StripeGray Flannel, Black & Tan Stripe, and Dark Gray Linen covers are part of our ongoing, restocked collection of basics. The rest are limited edition fabrics, and when they're gone, they're gone forever. 


Where are your products made? 

The Basket Bed frames are Fair Trade Certified and made by a trusted cooperative in Bangladesh. Our fabrics are sourced from India and Japan, and cushions and covers are made in the USA. All components are packed and shipped from Emeryville, California. 


I received my Basket Bed and it has some variations in it. Why? 

The Faunamade Basket Bed is woven by hand and its perfection is in its imperfection. Please embrace the natural beauty; your pet certainly will!


I received my pet bed and it’s slightly bent out of shape. What should I do? 

The basket frame is pliable and its shape can shift during shipping. Just re-shape it by hand and leave it be; it will take on its directed shape in no time! 





How should I care for my pet bed or cushion? 

If the basket becomes soiled, pat any moisture with an absorbable cloth as soon as possible. Gently scrub stains with a damp sponge. (If you have a wet vacuum, these work well lifting soiled spots off the bed.) Allow to dry thoroughly before replacing the cushion. 

The covers can be machine washed—and we wash ours in the machine—but please note that as with all fabrics, machine washing and drying will wear them out over time. If you machine wash, we recommend cold water, gentle detergent, and line dry.


Can the bed cushion itself be washed? 

Yes. Cushions can be machine washed and dried.


If I wash on warm or machine dry my cushion covers, will they shrink? 

Only slightly; they will still fit the cushion comfortably.  



Ordering and Shipping


When will my order ship? 

Your order will ship within 3-5 days of being placed. 


Where do you ship? 

We currently ship to the United States and Canada. 


How much is shipping?  

At checkout, we offer discounted USPS Priority Mail (1-3 day) shipping and UPS Ground (2-7 day) shipping to the US and Canada. 


      Will I get a tracking number? 

      Yes, you will receive an email with tracking number when your order ships.


      Can I include a gift receipt? 

      By default, our receipts do not include pricing. 


      Can I share a message with a gift recipient? 

      Yes. We'll include a handwritten note in your order at no extra charge. During the first stage of checkout, you'll have an opportunity to "Leave a note with your order." Indicate there that you would like a handwritten message included in your order, and please include the message. 


      Do you offer gift cards? 

      Yes. Digital gift cards are available Here. We're happy to send a physical gift certificate with a handwritten note at no extra charge. Just send us an email at info <at> faunamade.com. 





      What is your return policy? 

      Unused, unwashed beds, cushions, and covers can be returned to Faunamade for a full refund within 20 days of purchase. Please email us at info <at> faunamade.com to start a return. Returns of used items will not be accepted; thank you for understanding. Please note that return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. 



      Et Cetera


      What is your privacy policy? 

      We never share your information. See our Privacy Policy for details. 


      What are your terms of service? 

      See our Terms of Service for details. 


      How can I contact you? 

      Please send us an email at info <at> faunamade.com. We look forward to hearing from you!