Recipe DIY: 2-Ingredient Popsicle Treats for Cats

Recipe DIY: 2-Ingredient Popsicle Treats for Cats

I've always wanted to make popsicles for my cats but was deterred by internet recipes with long lists of ingredients and complicated instructions (I don't want to put dried fish in my blender). So I set out to make my own recipe, knowing I really only needed two things: a treat that freezes well and a medium to put it in. 

Above: For materials and ingredients, you'll need an ice cube tray, a can of Kitten Milk Replacer (about $6 at Chewy), and Sojos Natural Salmon Cat Treats (also about $6 at Chewy). 

Above: The cat treats are 100% freeze dried salmon and made in Minnesota. The milky medium, called KMR, is a milk substitute for kittens who aren't getting enough of their mother's milk. My cat was pregnant when I adopted her, and when she had kittens I fed KMR to the runt of the litter. Turns out, the mom cat loved it—so I now feed KMR as a treat from time to time. 

Above: To make the popsicles, pour some KMR into the ice cube tray, drop in a few salmon treats, and pour a little more KMR on top. 

Above: Pop the tray into the freezer and the popsicles should be ready in about four hours. Store in a reusable silicone bag like Stasher and feed anytime as a treat. 

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